Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town

getting married at Nooitgedacht in cape town

This article is about the Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town

Nooitgedacht Estate is an enchanting wedding venue nestled in the Cape Winelands that offers an idyllic backdrop for your special day.

5 Reasons Why Bridal Choose Nooitgedacht for Their Dream Wedding

1. Tailored Experiences

At Nooitgedacht Estate, your love story is at the heart of everything. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate gathering or a lavish affair, this versatile venue caters to your unique vision. Picture exchanging vows under the open sky or within the timeless walls of our stone chapel, every detail will reflect your love story’s essence.


Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town

2. Captivating Spaces

The enchantment of Nooitgedacht Estate lies in its variety of captivating spaces. Imagine walking down the aisle in a charming stone chapel, its old-world ambiance adding a touch of magic to your ceremony. For grand celebrations, the exquisite grand banqueting hall offers a majestic setting, while the expansive lawns and tranquil gardens provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor festivities. Every corner of this estate is a masterpiece waiting to frame your cherished moments.


Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town

3. Convenience & Expertise

Planning a wedding should be a joyful experience, and their dedicated team is there to ensure just that. With their on-site catering and a network of preferred suppliers, including Haus of Dinique, everyone involved is commitment to excellence, making your journey from vision to reality smooth and stress-free.

4. Cape Winelands Magic

Nestled within the Stellenbosch Winelands, Nooitgedacht Estate immerses you in the allure of this renowned wine region. The breathtaking landscapes, rolling vineyards, and historic charm create an ambiance that is both elegant and inviting. 

Their culinary offerings showcase the best of the Cape, presenting you and your guests with a delightful culinary journey that celebrates local flavors and ingredients, making your wedding an unforgettable fusion of love and culture.

5. Elegant Accommodation

Your wedding celebration doesn’t have to end with the last dance. Thier opulent bridal suite provides a sumptuous retreat for the newlyweds, adorned with high wooden ceilings and antique decor that evoke a sense of romance. 

For your cherished guests, the renovated guest houses blend historic charm with modern comforts. Each thoughtfully designed space offers a luxurious haven, allowing your loved ones to relax and relish in the festivities.

Haus of Dinique Weddings at Nooitgedacht

Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town

At Nooitgedacht, we have had the privilege of curating several weddings and corporate functions. One of the most recent weddings we orchestrated here was an outdoor extravaganza, with every aspect, from the ceremony to the pre-drinks and the reception, taking place under the open sky. Despite the weather presenting some challenges, everything fell into place beautifully, resulting in a truly unforgettable celebration. 

The ceremony took place along the long, picturesque driveway adorned with majestic trees. For the couple’s vows, we crafted a stunning pillar arch, brimming with exquisite flowers, creating a dreamy backdrop. Once the ceremony concluded, the arch was thoughtfully relocated behind the bridal table, becoming an enchanting focal point for the reception. 

The guest tables were artfully arranged on the lush, manicured lawns, evoking an air of elegance throughout the festivities. Nooitgedacht’s timeless charm and natural beauty provided the perfect setting for a wedding that exuded grace and sophistication.

What We Love About Nooitgedacht venue in Cape Town

Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town

Nooitgedacht is a wedding venue that truly captures our hearts for several reasons. Firstly, its prime location en route to Stellenbosch makes it easily accessible and convenient for both couples and guests. What we love most is the versatility it offers – whether couples dream of an outdoor celebration on its expansive lawns, an intimate ceremony in its charming chapel, or a lavish reception in the elegant venue space, Nooitgedacht caters to every vision. 


The venue’s adaptability allows us to turn any space into a couple’s desired ambiance, creating a personalized and unforgettable experience. Furthermore, the on-site accommodation for the bridal couple and their party adds a wonderful touch of ease and comfort to the day. Overall, Nooitgedacht’s combination of beautiful spaces, accessibility, and convenience makes it an ideal choice for couples seeking a captivating and memorable wedding celebration.

Nooitgedacht Wedding Venue in Cape Town


We invite you to discover the enchantment of Nooitgedacht Estate, it truly is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Cape Town.

If you’re planning your wedding and need to find the perfect venue for your dream day – please feel free to contact us for more information about our wedding planning services. We can help you find your dream venue, set up appointments, find your dream team, and much more.